national iced tea day

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national iced tea day

Happy National Iced Tea Day!

Here at teapigs, we’re always excited when National Iced Tea Day rolls around. Don’t get us wrong, we love our tea steeping hot too but there’s something about this particular day, a definite precursor to summer, that has us sipping for joy. Who doesn’t love a nice chilled cup of teapigs on a hot summer’s day? I mean, rhetorical, am I right?  

This year, we decided to do something super fun and had some iced teapigs cocktails expertly crafted by two of our mixologist friends, Brad Gubbins (Toronto) and Colin MacDougall (Vancouver). These are SO good; you should definitely give them all a try. (No judgement, we promise). You have an entire summer ahead of you so no excuses!

Not a fan of alcohol? No problem! We had Brad and Colin each put together an equally delicious mocktail recipe. The great thing about these recipes is they’re totally customizable; don’t be afraid to add or remove alcohol in order to make the perfect summer drink. Trust us; these are all delicious so you can’t go wrong!

Brad’s Recipes

Iced teapigs Ginger Collins

Iced teapigs Super Fruit Punch

Iced teapigs Marrakesh Mocktail

Colin’s Recipes

Iced teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey North Course

Iced teapigs Super Fruit Zero Proof Mocktail

We’d love to see your iced teapigs cocktails and creations! Feel free to tag us on Instagram (@teapigsca) and use the hashtags #icedteapigs and #NationalIcedTeaDay so we can bask in your creativity and admire your cocktail making skills.

In need of teapigs tea to make these awesome recipes? We’ve got you covered! Click here to see and purchase all of the teas used in these recipes.