how to make iced tea in 5 easy steps

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how to make iced tea in 5 easy steps

Now, if you’re not particularly sold on the old wives' tale that hot tea cools you down in summer, then fear not, we’ve got some cracking summer recipes to share with you which show that it’s possible to make a HUGE variety of amazing summer drinks with the humble teapigs tea temple. 

Hands down, our favourite summertime drink is iced tea - did you know that iced tea can be SO much better than the sickly sweet non–tea flavoured drinks we’re all so familiar with? Well, it can – and we’re going to share our favourite recipe to create the perfect, full of flavour, real iced tea every single time.

serves 4 / makes 1 litre:

  • Pop 4 tea temples in to a 1 litre jug
  • Add freshly boiled water until 1/3 full
  • Brew for 5 mins +
  • Add cold water until 2/3 full
  • Top with ice & fresh fruit for extra flavour. Lemons and limes go well with traditional teas and red berries and passion fruit taste amazing with fruit and herbal infusions.

We like to keep the temples in, as they will continue to infuse, but feel free to take them out if you'd prefer.  

our favourites

All our teas work brilliantly iced, whether you fancy black, green or herbal – they each create a powerful flavour after just a few minutes brewing time! However, we do have a few favourites which we wanted to share with you. 

the classic one – teapigs darjeeling earl grey tea temples, a squeeze of fresh lemon and some lemon slices for decoration

the elegant one – teapigs mao feng green tea temples, a handful of cucumber and lime slices, and 3-4 mint leaves.

the “wow, that’s a lot of flavour” one – teapigs liquorice and peppermint tea temples. Straight up. The peppermint leaves in these tea temples are the mintiest around and the liquorice gives you lots of natural sweetness.

the fruity one - teapigs super fruit tea temples, two handfuls of fresh berries, the fruit of 2 passion fruits. You’ll never need to buy cordial again!

the lemony one – teapigs lemon and ginger tea temples, some lemon zest (fancy!) and if you’re big on ginger, you can grate a little and add that too. 

*psssst - add a splash of gin or vodka to any of the above, to make it a tad more sophisticated!*    

Oh, and if you're after something even easier, we also have six fab cold brew teas. These all-natural infusions have been specially made to brew quickly in cold water; simply pop one in your water bottle before you head out the door and... that's it! You can find out what the difference between iced tea and cold brew is, here