“Ultimate Tea Lovers” Holiday Gift Guide

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“Ultimate Tea Lovers” Holiday Gift Guide

TEA’S THE SEASON! (See what we did there?)

With the holidays quickly approaching, we wanted to share with you our top picks for tea-licious gift ideas that will delight any tea lover in your life.

1. teapigs tea

Of course, the first gift on our list requires no introduction. At teapigs, we are committed to producing tea of the highest quality, with whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs and whole flavours. Each of our 16 teas are full of flavour and make for the perfect stocking stuffer. Holiday favourites include rooibos creme caramel, chocolate flake and peppermint leaves.

2. “but first tea” Mug from Dashes and Donuts

And what goes hand-in-hand with your fave teapigs flavour? The perfect mug, of course. teapigs is thrilled to be partnering with local maker, Dashes and Donuts, offering Canadians a limited-edition, handmade teapigs mug - just in time for the holiday gifting season! Dashes and Donuts Founder, Fiona Mascarenhas, has a passion for calligraphy and hand-lettering that adds a lovely and soulful personal touch to every mug she makes.

Available exclusively on teapigs.ca, you can pick-up the ”but first tea” mug alongside your favourite box of teapigs tea for only $20.

Price: $20

Availability: teapigs.ca

3. Russell Hobbs Retro Style Kettle

All tea lovers know that a good kettle is key to a good cup of tea - and Russell Hobbs’ retro style kettle is packed with features to satisfy any tea lover. You can match the heating temperature to your favourite tea leaves and, for quiet mornings, it can quickly boil for a single serving. Your cup o’ teapigs will never have tasted so good!

Price: $119.99

Availability: Amazon.ca, Lowe’s and London Drugs

4. Mud Pie “Tea-Riffic” Tea Bag Spoon

For that fun, decorative touch, Mud Pie has created a tea spoon that’s perfect for any fun-loving tea lover. The two-spoon design allows you to press every drop of tea from the bag as you lift it from the mug. Plus, it comes inscribed and decorated to show this is just for tea. Tea-riffic, indeed!

Price: $15

Availability: Chapters/Indigo

5. “The Tea Book”, by Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby

The Tea Book, written by teapigs co-founders, Louise Cheadle and Nick Kilby, is a guide to all things tea for the tea aficionado in your life. For those looking to learn everything about the world of tea - from where tea grows to best practice tips for brewing the perfect cuppa - this book has it all. Simply put, it celebrates tea culture at its best.

Price: $21.51

Availability: Chapters/Indigo, Amazon

6. Addison Pink and Gold Tea for One Set by Pinky Up

Tea for one, anyone? This lovely tea set is as pretty as it is compact; it includes a teapot on top, and a cup and saucer on the bottom. You can use this space-saving set to steep - and then drink - your favourite teapigs tea!

Price: $40.19

Availability: Nordstrom, Amazon

7. MomentidiVita Tea Quote Socks

If putting up your feet up and cozying up with a cup of tea is your style, consider these an essential. These ultra cute printed message socks are for everyone who wants a cup of their favourite teapigs tea - without asking.

Price: $19.50

Availability: etsy.ca