tips for increasing water intake

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tips for increasing water intake

New Year’s Resolutions - love them or hate them, it’s all anyone seems to talk about come January 1st. Apparently the trick is to focus on small, practical goals. So, this year, we're putting all our efforts into one that we're confident we can smash... drinking more water! 

It seems we’re not alone, as we’ve spotted it in a load of your New Year resolutions too, so why not take on the challenge together!? Here are a few easy tips to make glugging through your 2 litres a day a breeze…  

cold brew tea

If you’re not keen on the taste of water, or find it a little dull – why not try a cold brew tea?

Available in lychee & rose and cucumber & apple, simply pop one in your water bottle before you head out the door and… well, that’s it! No waiting for the kettle to boil, no added sugar, no sickly syrups. You bring the water, we’ll bring the flavour.

Oh and they are less than 3 calories per cup – huzzah!

get yourself a nice reusable water bottle

Leave your single use plastic water bottle in 2019! These days there are so many reusable water bottles on the market, meaning there are no excuses. We love the eva solo water bottle. The only tricky part can be remembering to take it with you. So, when you run through the standard ‘keys, phone, purse’ as you head out the door, start training yourself to include a water bottle check, too.

water with every meal and snack

Hitting the snack cupboard? Get yourself a glass of water too! An easy trick we use to get in a few extra glasses of water, is to make sure we have one with every meal and snack.

challenge your pals

There are lots of apps you can download to keep track of your water intake. But, if an app isn’t really your thing, why not start a little competition with your friends, family, or work colleagues? Free lunch for the winner at the end of each week!